Warranty Service

Products you can rely on.

The security of a manufacturer's guarantee is elementary, especially for products whose reliability is crucial. It gives you the good feeling that you have made the absolutely right decision in terms of quality, innovation and technology with products from AWG and Alco.

We keep our promise that you can expect top performance from us. If, contrary to expectations, a repair or an exchange should be necessary, we, or our trusted service partner, will be happy to help.

You have our word - you can rely on your AWG and Alco products. Guaranteed!


A repair or exchange is necessary within our guarantee period?

Use our AWG guarantee service. We take over the costs for the transport. The guarantee service decides in each individual case whether the work with Alco monitors is carried out at your site, at one of our service partners or in our factory.

The guarantee service can be used if the statutory provisions on liability for defects or our guarantee conditions are met.

Damage to the device due to improper or improper use (such as overloading the device or use with unapproved tools or accessories), the use of force or external influences, as well as transport damage are not part of the guarantee.

If the warranty service is used in error or if the AWG service center determines during the incoming inspection that there is no statutory warranty, we reserve the right to invoice the costs for sending, checking and returning the goods. In these cases, the AWG service center will inform you in advance about options for processing outside of the guarantee. A change to our repair service with a cost estimate is possible at any time.


Refurbishment / Repair

With respect to the maintenance of AWG products, please note the information in the operating instructions. If you have any questions, contact your specialist retailer.

For repairs or servicing, please contact our repair and service centre. We receive products that are in need of maintenance, discuss the fastest and most cost-effective solution with you, create cost estimates, take care of the execution, and are at your disposal if you have any questions.

If necessary, we will send a specialist to you, who will take care of the maintenance on-site. The technician will, of course, bring spare parts and other materials with them. You do not need to worry about anything.

Keep your fire fighting equipment ready to use

We make your AWG fittings fit again, remove signs of use, extend their service life and put them back into a status: ready for use! A typical case for our refurbishment service is the AWG Turbo-Nozzle, which has to take a lot in tough use.

Use our current refurbishment campaign for AWG Turbo-Nozzle.

NOW is the time!

  • Inexpensive alternative to buying a new one
  • 1 year manufacturer's guarantee on all replaced parts
  • Maintaining the operational readiness & reliability of the AWG fittings
  • Comprehensive functional testing of overhauled fittings

Refurbishment AWG Turbo-Nozzle

The AWG Refurbishment Service for an AWG Turbo-Nozzle includes:

  • Pre-functional check
  • Replacement of handle, gear lever, valve plate, turbo wheel, protective ring, various seals, all labels
  • Adjustment of the flow rates
  • Complete function test and factory acceptance test after reconditioning
  • Free returns

... and this is how it works:

Pack the used Turbo-Nozzle, fill out the service order and send it straight to the AWG service center.

Maintenance Service

When it comes to it, your system must always work smoothly and reliably. Choose a package from our services. In an individual maintenance contract, you can supplement this with your specific maintenance requirements and define the spare parts supply and the function tests.

Our AWG service staff would be happy to advise you regarding the contents of the contract and the optimal maintenance intervals.

The AWG service centre takes on the coordination of the maintenance intervals. You do not have to worry about anything. We will take care of it for you!

Service you can rely on.

On the basis of many years of experience in all areas of application, we have specified the scope of the services in graduated service packages: BASIC, STANDARD and ADVANCED.

The service packages do not meet your requirements? We prioritise service and address your specific requirements with our INDIVIDUAL service. We will prepare an offer for you with a scope of service and maintenance that is tailored to your requirements.

Once you have booked your service package, our service centre will take care of the punctual implementation of all the service and maintenance measures – and, if applicable, of repair measures on your premises or at our company.

Take advantage of our comprehensive range of services:

  • Repairs service at our service centre or on your premises

  • Maintenance at regular intervals

  • Preparation of cost estimates

  • Protected spare parts supply

  • Refurbishment of products

  • Product training





Inspection of all the important parts

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Complete inspection

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Check of all the functions

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Examination of wear parts

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Replacement of service parts when the wear limit is reached

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Implementation of all the necessary repairs, incl. an ADVANCED rebate on all replaced service and spare parts*

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Lubrication of all the lubrication points

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Fuel check

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Replacement of the fuels

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Cleaning of the device

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Reading out the fault memories and examination of the software*

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Check of mechanical and/or electrical settings

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Correction of mechanical and/or electrical settings

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Implementation of software updates*

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Examination of the connection to third-party control units*

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1 year warranty on all newly installed service and spare parts

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* if applicable



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